Mindy Kaling is my hero, but ...

Mindy is the star of The Mindy Project. It's the funniest show on TV today. Or, should I say funniest show on Hulu, because since I started watching with Hulu, I lost track of what is and isn't TV anymore.

She's got wit --- that's rare.

She's my hero because she's breaking all barriers and taboos with success. She's Indian, in real-life and on TV. She's Hindu, in real-life and on TV.  She's a female comedy star. She's plus sized. She drinks. She eats. She has boyfriends, with an 's'.  All in real-life and on TV.

I admire her in many ways. But, as a father of three witty, Indian, Hindu girls growing up in the US, I have to ask. Mindy, do you really have to kiss so many boys, and must you do it on TV ?